The Conductores RG SRL directory considered crucial to the entire organization to obtain the following objective:
Achieving the highest possible quality in our electrical conductors to obtain the satisfaction of our customers.

For this purpose, in a complementary way, we defines the following objectives:
• Meeting the customers needs by providing electrical and telecommunications conductors that meet the established requirements and deadlines requested.
• Clearly define the specifications of the special cable required by our customers.
• Use appropriate methods to ensure meeting the quality requirements of customers in the conductor produced by our company.
• To direct the activities towards the prevention of nonconformities and the detection of non-compliant products in all stages of marketing and manufacture of electrical and telecommunications conductors.
• Promote the organization and ongoing collective commitment to quality in all stages of the QMS.
• The General Directorate is committed to providing the necessary human and material resources to develop this Quality Management System.
• Suppliers of critical inputs for the production of electrical and telecommunications conductors are part of the system and therefore the organization will work on developing the efficiency of its services so as to achieve continuous improvement of the quality of our products.
• Maintain and continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system in accordance with the requirements and guidelines of the international standard
ISO 9001:2008

This Office is aware that the ultimate responsibility for achieving the Quality Objectives proposed is yours, and in that sense provides and will provide all necessary means to achieve them.

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